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New website launched today

22 February, 2010 (12:07) | Community | By: Alan

We’ve been working on a adding a content management system for our website over the past few years, finally we’ve migrated all old content and moved the new site onto our primary URL –
Please send us any feedback and do please leave a comment on any posts you wish to.

Submission on .ZA Domain Name Authority Regulations

3 February, 2010 (14:04) | Policy | By: paul

On 01 February 2010 ISOC-ZA submitted its recommendations to the .ZA Domain Name Authority (.ZA DNA) on its recently published draft Registry and Registrar Regulations. These draft regulations set out the rules by which potential domain name registries and registrars will be governed.

Thank you to all of those ISOC-ZA policy list members who assisted with the drafting of the ISOC-ZA comments.

  1. Registry_Regulations_18_November_2009-final_draft_for_public_comment (MS Word – 165kb);
  2. Registrar_Regulations_18_November_2009-final_draft_for_public_comment (MS Word – 141kb);
  3. ISOC-ZADNAregssubmission (PDF – 152kb);

Committee plans for 2010

27 January, 2010 (08:26) | Events, Policy | By: bronwen

ISOC-ZA has a number of initiatives planned for 2010. The aim of the new committee is to encourage the public to become more active in the organisation and take responsibility for protecting their rights as Internet users. Read on for some initiatives that may interest you: Read more »

2010 Committee Announced

11 January, 2010 (10:33) | Events | By: paul

The new 2009/2010 ISOC-ZA committee was elected at the ISOC-ZA Annual General Meeting on the 27th October 2009 in terms of the new ISOC-ZA Constitution. They are:

  • Communications and Youth: Bronwen Kausch
  • Treasurer: Saul Stein
  • Policy: Paul Esselaar
  • Gauteng: Mohammed Ebrahim
  • Immediate past chair: Naresh Dajee
  • Chair: Alan Levin

The committee hopes to revitalise ISOC-ZA and has several exciting projects in the pipeline which we will publicise later in the year. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to assist (we are a voluntary organisation) or would like to find out more about what we do and why we do it.

Proposed update to constitution

6 September, 2007 (10:55) | Membership | By: Alan

After 9 years ISOC-ZA have recognised the strengths and pitfalls of our founding constitution. Now with over 800 members we have to make a few changes and enhancements in order to position to organisation for the future. Please see proposed changes to the constitution (download pdf-272kB, odt-32kB, doc-132kB)

AGM – 2007

5 September, 2007 (10:52) | Events, Membership | By: Alan

Download the list of Nominees here

17 April, 2007 (08:15) | Community, Events | By: Alan

From Lessig
From Lessig

Prof. Lawrence Lessig addressed all members at the SABC auditorium on the topic.

It was a super opportunity to be part of the world and hear Prof. Lessig first hand. He delivered a superb life changing presentation.

From Lessig

Hear the audio (part 1 – 18.3MB mp3 – streaming, part 2 – 18.3 MB – mp3 streaming and part 3 – 6.4MB mp3 streaming) and see the (28.9MB pdf) presentation that goes with it.

Spammer Bounty Programme

21 February, 2007 (10:56) | Community, Outreach | By: Alan

Launched the ISOC-ZA Spammer Bounty Hunter programme. See the press release but most importantly, join the programme and contribute to the website/wiki at

Response to ICASA Frequency Spectrum Questions

30 November, 2006 (11:00) | Policy | By: mike

We recognise the urgent need for good Frequency Spectrum regulations and welcomed the opportunity to make a submission to ICASA on the frequency band allocation. Download the PDF (74kB).

African RALO Established

28 June, 2006 (11:00) | Policy | By: mike

ISOC-ZA established the African RALO together with ISOC Morrocco and ISOC Sudan at ICANN in Marrakech.