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zaDNA SGM 2020 – budget approval

27 February, 2020 (13:49) | Community, Partners, Policy | By: Alan

Yesterday we submitted the following response to the budget advertised by the zaDNA last month. We will be following and hope to engage further with their new board of directors. The following are key points:

  • Income has flattened, this is the first time that there has been a decrease in the number of .za domain names registered
  • Expenditure has increased year on year, and although the budget suggests decrease in income, it proposes increase in expenditure
  • Budgeting process follows previous budgets rather than actuals
  • Emoluments to Directors account for almost R1.5m expense
zaDNA was established in 2011, funded in the first year by government, previously the function was managed by one person, largely on a small university budget

2020 AGM

24 February, 2020 (13:56) | Community, Events, Membership | By: Alan

The Internet Society of South Africa invites you to attend our AGM 2020, Thursday 27 Feb, 2020 at 5:30 PM – 7 PM, at SOtano on Bree, Cape Town

Scams and frauds

18 February, 2020 (15:20) | Community, Education, Security | By: Alan

Have you seen these photos in ads on Facebook? or on other news sites?

The following one is similarly common:

These are all scams and frauds, and there are many more like this. Please do be careful to double check all facts before believing anyone. Mark did put out a warning many years ago yet the frausdsters continue.

One of our most profound members and supporters has asked us to advise you that you should report them every time that you see tham, we all should!

We have the technology

17 December, 2019 (10:45) | Uncategorized | By: Alan

Some South Africans do have access to and participate in the 4IR, the government is trying to find ways for more to participate. This research is evidence that we have the technology. Sadly, we’re not confident that our government can make it happen. Please help us to help them…

The Last iWeek – August 2019

13 June, 2019 (09:41) | Events, Partners | By: Alan

We have been supporting and attending iWeek for twenty years, and the ISPA have decided this is the last. If you’re not sure if that’s true, keep in mind that it’s free and the attendance has not been growing (except at the Cape Town venue).

Iweek is definitely the one national industry conference about the internet industry, always with great things to learn and interesting people to meet.

There is a great programme focussing on practical issues for South African ISPs — dealing with pressures to police content, developing staff skills, and surviving in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive access market. SAFNOG-5 will be taking place in conjunction with iWeek, so there will also be plenty of quality technical presentations for iWeek 2019 delegates to attend.

To register for iWeek 2019:

Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

11 April, 2019 (13:41) | Uncategorized | By: Alan

We are feeling a new regime in South Africa and with it will hopefully come some improvements regarding Internet Access for those that previously could not, for both economic and geographic reasons. Whilst the last PNC included many global experts, this one is made up of local leaders of industry.

The President says ““The commission will assist government in taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the digital industrial revolution,” the presidency said in a statement on Tuesday. The task of the commission, which will be chaired by the president, is to identify “relevant policies, strategies and action plans that will position South Africa as a competitive global player”.

The first 4IR Summit was held 11 April at Wits University and everyone is revved up, read more here.

ISOC-ZA are hopeful and optimistic, what do you think?

President Ramaphosa (GCIS)

New consitution, new ISOC-ZA!

9 April, 2019 (17:15) | Community, Events, Membership | By: Alan

On March 28 2019 the AGM of the ISOC-ZA was held at Sotano on Bree St.

Chairman welcomed members to the meeting and delivered Chairmans report which included a recommendation by the committee to split the functions of our organisation.
There were extensive discussions and subsequent acknowledgement that some confusion that may ensue. There was support for the name to be used as ISOC-ZA. Consensus agreement was finally reached for splitting the organisation into Internet South Africa to handle the Internet Society Chapter function, following the precedent name change of other Chapters like Australia and New Zealand. And for ISOC-ZA to continue handling the primary purpose to service the internet community and society of South Africa, ideally in pursuit of lower cost broadband for the poor.  

The proposed constitutional amendments were agreed:

Internet South Africa constitution 2019

Internet Society of South Africa constitution 2019

The following Executive committees were established

Internet South Africa – Executive Committee

  • Adri Loubser
  • Alan Levin
  • Andy Rabagliati
  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Diren Naidoo
  • Theo Maseloanyane
  • Percy Nhau (Durban WG – co-opt)

ISOC-ZA – Executive Committee

  • Alan Levin (Past Chair)
  • Andy Rabagliati
  • Caitlin Holiday
  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Diren Naidoo
  • Kobie Hyman (Past communications)
  • Percy Nhau (Durban WG – co-opt)
  • Roland Giesler
  • Saul Stein (Past treasurer)
  • Theo Maseloanyane

there is a video of the event on the Event page

ISOC-ZA AGM and 25th birthday celebrations

30 November, 2017 (10:35) | Uncategorized | By: Alan

With thanks to ISOC global we’re pleased to report back on our AGM held on September 19 2017. The event was a success and the chapter is rejuvenated with three new committee members. We welcome on board Enrico Calendro, an esteemed policy analyst who works at Research ICT Africa will lead the ISOC-ZA policy working group, and is involved in our WIDER project. Luke Neville, who is an interested computer science student at the University of Cape Town, will lead our youth initiatives and Kobie Hyman, a communications expert from Umbono Communications will assist in all ISOC-ZA communications and has kindly dedicated her time to assist with this meeting. Please see included the AGM report.

ISOC-ZA supports Wikimedia SA

6 September, 2017 (15:55) | Community, Partners | By: Alan

ISOC-ZA salutes Wikimedia South Africa on some great successes in adding South African languages to Wikipedia. We recommend board member Ian Gilfillan’s blog post which highlights the main contributors. ISOC-ZA supports any member wishing to apply for a grant to assist to sustain and grow this activity.

Analytics and affiliates

29 August, 2017 (09:36) | Community, Partners | By: Alan

We recently met ISOC Libya at the ICANN #59 and agreed to make an informal partnership as we did when meeting ISOC China some few years back. These local ISOC organisations are not yet affiliated with ISOC global yet have similar thinking to all of Internet Society. Our Italian contemporary recently referred to the term “Internet Orthodoxy”, a standards based open internet for everyone.

We’re sharing some of this web site analytics to show that of course our visitors are primarily from South Africa and we welcome more visitors from China and South Korea than the US!