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ISOC-ZA does apply to various organisations for special sponsorships from time to time. We require funding for various membership activities and encourage members who cannot invest voluntary time and energy, to make voluntary donations.

We see all chapters and other ISOC organisations as our brothers and sisters in other geographies!

Thank you to MEDpages for always assisting us to keep our membership data clean and up to date (2004-2008).

Thanks to Vanilla for hosting our website and domain and mailing lists.

In the past we have received sponsorship funds for snacks and logistics (room, chairs, desk, data projector) for community forums from:

  • Uniforum (major sponsorship of Lessig talk)
  • Radian
  • Saul Stein and
  • CITI (The Cape IT initiative)

For the Belhar Internet Fiesta 2005, we received sponsorships from:

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