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In order to qualify for membership in the Internet Society South African chapter (ISOC-ZA) you must be willing to at minimum, receive and read email announcements sent to members. In addition to the networking and educational opportunities, the ISOC-ZA requires volunteers for community programmes working to build the Internet Society in South Africa.

Enter the following details in order to confirm your membership:

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Email address:

In addition to receiving membership announcements, please consider joining any of the working groups by subscribing to one or more of the ISOC-ZA mailing lists.

If you have any questions please send email to

Whilst there is an expectation of your willingness to contribute toward building the Internet society in South Africa, there is no membership fee for either the global body or the local chapter. If you wish to become an ISOC-ZA partner, we do welcome sponsorships and donations.

We will not share your email address or other information with any other organisation except ISOC global who have a similar privacy policy.

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