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Submission on .ZA Domain Name Authority Regulations

3 February, 2010 (14:04) | Policy | By: paul

On 01 February 2010 ISOC-ZA submitted its recommendations to the .ZA Domain Name Authority (.ZA DNA) on its recently published draft Registry and Registrar Regulations. These draft regulations set out the rules by which potential domain name registries and registrars will be governed.

Thank you to all of those ISOC-ZA policy list members who assisted with the drafting of the ISOC-ZA comments.

  1. Registry_Regulations_18_November_2009-final_draft_for_public_comment (MS Word – 165kb);
  2. Registrar_Regulations_18_November_2009-final_draft_for_public_comment (MS Word – 141kb);
  3. ISOC-ZADNAregssubmission (PDF – 152kb);

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