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zaDNA SGM 2020 – budget approval

27 February, 2020 (13:49) | Community, Partners, Policy | By: Alan

Yesterday we submitted the following response to the budget advertised by the zaDNA last month. We will be following and hope to engage further with their new board of directors. The following are key points:

  • Income has flattened, this is the first time that there has been a decrease in the number of .za domain names registered
  • Expenditure has increased year on year, and although the budget suggests decrease in income, it proposes increase in expenditure
  • Budgeting process follows previous budgets rather than actuals
  • Emoluments to Directors account for almost R1.5m expense
zaDNA was established in 2011, funded in the first year by government, previously the function was managed by one person, largely on a small university budget

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