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The Last iWeek – August 2019

13 June, 2019 (09:41) | Events, Partners | By: Alan

We have been supporting and attending iWeek for twenty years, and the ISPA have decided this is the last. If you’re not sure if that’s true, keep in mind that it’s free and the attendance has not been growing (except at the Cape Town venue).

Iweek is definitely the one national industry conference about the internet industry, always with great things to learn and interesting people to meet.

There is a great programme focussing on practical issues for South African ISPs — dealing with pressures to police content, developing staff skills, and surviving in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive access market. SAFNOG-5 will be taking place in conjunction with iWeek, so there will also be plenty of quality technical presentations for iWeek 2019 delegates to attend.

To register for iWeek 2019:

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