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The Belhar Internet Fiesta

19 March, 2005 (11:00) | Community, Events, Outreach | By: mike

The first Internet Fiesta was held by ISOC-ZA at Belhar Community Centre (Adam Tas Ave) on Saturday-Sunday (March 19-20, through the night) from 11am to 3pm.

In order to share our experiences we have created and share the following useful documentations for others to follow:

Also, see the pictures below (click a thumbnail for a larger version)

Saturday night


the four

live singers


* youth

many came,


and kids

from all over

nice turnout

food and cooldrinks

julius, andy, neil and jenni

mostly sharing machines

first time

and hooked already

wow, this is great

many gigbytes since the start

sharing and learning

about 10pm, security gets interested

maybe i should do math

security still monitoring in flow

something new

let me show you

window manager had changed by morning

getting late

julius stays committed til wee hours

Sunday morning

Alan and Josephine

excuse me

chris, naresh and neil


helping another newbie

chris, julius and josephine

remember your first time?

* yay!

More more more

wish it would never end

better to be using the mouse

so how do i improve my website 🙂

can’t be powerpoint

gee what’s this…

back after church


die muis ding werk

kayode helping out

how do you explain this in 5 minutes?

zip zap, its there

must i believe it

google ‘sneakers’ and ‘fast and furious’


*whew* well done alan

5 per machine plus kayode

mrs adesemo and son



* heartwarming experience

some experienced

most setting upn a first webmail account

many pasting mr potato man or painting

* just hanging

full house, last hour

thanks to all


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