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Committee plans for 2010

27 January, 2010 (08:26) | Events, Policy | By: bronwen

ISOC-ZA has a number of initiatives planned for 2010. The aim of the new committee is to encourage the public to become more active in the organisation and take responsibility for protecting their rights as Internet users. Read on for some initiatives that may interest you:

INET 2010

ISOC-ZA has proposed to once again host an INET this year.  Since 1994, the Internet Society has organized INET conferences around the world. Originally staged as annual global conferences, over time we have refined their focus, targeting the specific needs of previously underserved regions.

Today, the Internet Society holds multiple INETS each year, each with a unique regional focus and a selection of topics most relevant to the communities involved. INET meetings are more than just a narrow policy seminar or educational workshop, and the committee intends to ensure our Agenda covers all topics most relevant to the Internet user in South Africa. Please keep a look out for more news on this exciting event.


There was a host of action on the policy front last year, and ISOC-ZA intends to remain an active commentator on proposed policy, regulation and legislative changes. If you wish to participate please join the list by sending an email to with ‘subscribe’ as the subject or alternatively visit the web interface here


One of the biggest challenges facing the Internet Society in general and South Africa in particular is a lack of active involvement. This may have a lot to do with the very busy lives we lead, the sluggish economy and the time constraints we all feel. However, ISOC-ZA wants to encourage more young folk to get involved with the organisation. It is, after all, their Internet we’re protecting.

With this in mind, ISOC-ZA will start a ISOC Youth portfolio which will look at recruiting scholars and students, educating them on the issues facing the Internet and its users, and with them, developing Internet ambassadors. These ISOC champions are best placed to spread the word and educate their peers.

Over the next few months we will be sending out more information on this programme, so please keep it in mind. You can also mail Bronwen with any suggestions on this front.

We urge you to take some time to consider where you could add some value to the organisation.  ISOC-ZA will be highlighting the spirit of volunteerism during the course of our events this year.  We hope that you will see how becoming involved in a civil society such as ours can benefit not only yourself, but your community and even your business.

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